Solar systems

Thinking of going solar? There are many reasons to go for it, not least the fact that it not only greatly reduces your power bills, but is clean energy that decreases your impact on the environment. Solar panels are low maintenance, and in most cases increase your home’s value.

An added bonus? Because there are no moving compartments, solar panels operate in total silence.

The solar power industry is growing, and as it increases in popularity it improves in affordability. Designs are progressively becoming more contemporary to suit the different roofing styles and types.

Every solar power panel is designed for the client, and we tailor each system to suit your needs. Installation is by fully licensed expert technicians, and we will complete the job efficiently and with the top quality service you deserve.

We take into account the size of your roof, what you want to achieve from your system, and where best to install the panels to ensure greatest exposure to, and reception from, the sun. We also strive to provide the finest caliber service while keeping within your budget.


Services we provide include:

  • Design of solar power package
  • Solar panel installation
  • Grid connection
  • Additions/expansions to existing systems
  • Correct positioning to ensure best productivity from your panels


Do you already own a solar panel system?

DO YOU ALREADY OWN A SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM and haven’t noticed a dent in your electricity bill, or you’re perhaps concerned your panels aren’t working to their full potential? Maybe your solar inverter is too hot, it’s making too much noise, or you’re having shade issues?

Are you concerned that:

  • Your solar panels aren’t producing enough power?
  • You’re having shade issues?
  • The solar panel inverter isn’t coming on soon enough?
  • The system was incorrectly installed?

All possible issues are important, especially as it not only affects your peace of mind but your hip pocket. We appreciate that you need your investment to work for you, so don’t let your stress levels escalate!


Solar systems in South Australia

Solar systems in South Australia make good sense when your home or business uses the majority of the power produced by the solar panels, meaning you no longer have to purchase that electricity from your electricity retailer = lower power bills. The S.A. solar feed in tariff available is currently the 5.3 cents/Kwh ‘Minimum Retailer Payment’ . This is a payment for electricity a solar system feeds back onto the electricity grid, that energy retailers are obliged to pay solar system owners.

Accredited by the Clean Energy Council for the design and installation of solar systems, you can keep your mind at ease knowing that you will be guided in the right direction when it comes time to start saving money on those harsh electricity bills.

Keeping in consideration your budget, what you want to achieve from your system and the size of your roof, we will design a system tailored for you.


For those who already own a solar system

Did you pay good money for your solar system? Did you expect your electricity bill to be less? Are you not sure if your solar system is working to its full potential?

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