Reduce your Lighting Costs in your Home or Business Today!

Let us replace your halogen down light globes or fluorescent tubes with energy efficient LED lighting thanks to a subsidy from the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) of South Australia. Your existing down lights and/or fluorescent tubes consume much more energy and have a much shorter life span – so why not take advantage of this unique opportunity and start saving your money today!!!!

How It Works


For the cost of $5 per globe, an A-Class Electrician will visit your home at your convenience and swap your power hungry halogen down light globes with energy efficient LED globes!


To be eligible for a FREE SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION a single business premises must be using under 400kWh of electricity per day. We will replace your fluorescent tubes and/or halogen downlights with LED lighting!

What You Need To Do

Call YESS (Your Energy Saving Solutions) on 08 8346 2258 and quote our code MDB015 to organise a site inspection today.

Our LED Globes/Tubes:

  • Reduce power consumption by over 80%
  • Have a product lifespan 10 times longer than standard halogen
  • Are a quality product
  • Provides excellent light quality and range
  • Will be installed by an A-Class licensed electrician

Book in your interest and confirm your eligibility right now by calling YESS on 08 8346 2258 and quote our code MDB015.

Please Note:
The $5 per LED offer for domestic consumers refers to the replacement of non-dimmable halogen lamps, higher costs may be incurred if replacing halogens on dimmable circuits or on transformers that are not compatible with our LED lamp. Be assured it is still at a very low cost!!

LED Lighting

Clean energy is a huge deal nowadays, as we move into an era where people are conscious about the kind of energy they use. The “green lighting” system has paved the way for LED lighting which is energy efficient, reduces your electric bill and lowers the carbon footprint of the environment. Convenience and safety – LED provides both as a light source.

Domestic and Commercial LED Lighting

We stock, supply and install quality LED products for Domestic and Commercial purposes:


✓ Up to 85% saving on your electric lighting costs.

 ✓ 6W LED is as bright as an average halogen downlight and has more than twice the beam angle.

 ✓ Low heat emission: LED bulbs and downlights radiate very little heat (60 ˚C to 65 ˚C ) while halogen downlights emit heat up to 300 ˚C . Using LED lighting instead of halogen means up to a 75% decrease in generated heat.

 ✓ Fewer light changes: LED downlights last up to 10 times longer than halogen. They have a life span of between 30,000 to 50,000 hours, while for halogen downlights, the average is around 3000 hours. Incandescent lamps have a life span of 1000 hours.

  ✓ Saves costs and saves the environment: with a carbon foot print of up to 11 times less than 50 watt halogen lamps, LEDs have a positive impact on the environment

 ✓ Trouble free refit: generally easy to retrofit when there are existing halogen downlights in place.

 ✓ Low toxicity: LED downlights contain no mercury, unlike fluorescent and compact fluorescent’s (CFLs).

 ✓ Zero radiation: no UV or IR radiation when compared to halogen downlights.

 ✓ Softer on the eye: instant start up and flicker free. The light produced is crisper as compared to traditional lighting.

 ✓ They require very little maintenance apart from occasional dusting and cleaning.

  ✓LED lights operate at a very low temperature, thereby minimizing the chances of an electrical fire. Unlike LED, halogen lighting gives off high temperatures, which has been responsible for house fires before.

*Only lamps that come with a one or two year genuine warranty.

We will help you to select superior quality of LED products for your home or workplace.  Take your pick from LED globes, bulbs, downlight and complete light fitting choices as per your requirements. All you have to do is get in touch with us right away!

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